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The People Side of Change provides training programs in the PROSCI methodology on effective change management. Prosci is the standard for Change Management in the US and Canada. Based on research, the methodology including the ADKAR model provides easy-to-use tools to guide any change effectively. Check our site www.tpsoc.nl or tpsoc.eu The Process Pros / De Processpecialisten Everything we do is about improving your process. We take Kaizen to the next level with our process simulations or process games. We design lean processes through the customer’s perspective. We implement more effective governance processes and create continuous improvement. We engage staff with simulations and exciting workshops. We are PROSCI certified. Process simulations build higher ADKAR scores on all items. In the Netherlands, we have been working on some break-through projects in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. We have a strong track record in government, health care and other industries to streamline processes effectively. Customers embrace our (European) way with lively workshops and engaging simulations. Working with us is fun and challenging. “The Process Pros presented strong metaphors for our team that could easily be extrapolated to our own work environment and process challenges in our day-to-day practice. Throughout the workshop we discovered many opportunities that challenged our traditional ways of thinking, and caused a valuable paradigm shift towards a simplified, and control focused process mindset. Besides it was lots of fun doing the factory team-building exercise – highly recommended!” . We have two facilities in the Netherlands to work with our customers. In Amsterdam we operate the ProcesFabriek in Amsterdam and in Rotterdam De Procescentrale.

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