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Anko Tijman


WHAT I AM - Senior team coach in both Agile and DevOps. Strong background in Testing and Quality. Excellent communicator and true bridge builder between teams and departments. I encourage people, teams and organizations (managers included!) to selforganise, embrace change and focus on delevering valuable results to their clients. WHAT I BELIEVE - As a society we're on the edge of a major shift in how our work is organized and organizations are managed. Traditional lineair, top down management control is no longer effective, as people want to be valued, inspired and empowered. Only then organizations can utilize the potential of their workers. The demands of the customer driven market are high - complete and integral designed products are essential. To enable this, cross-functional teams need to be empowered by management. As a trainer: I am PSM1 trainer, with an average score of >70% success rate of attendees who score their PSM1 certificate.

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